Gino's Gelato

A Family Owned Artisan Gelato Company

Gino’s Gelato is a small batch, artisan gelato company located in Bakersfield, California. Our mission is to make high quality wholesale gelato. We believe great gelato comes from great ingredients. Some of our ingredients include real California milk and cream, pistachios from Sicily, Madagascar vanilla beans, Belgium chocolate and fruit from our neighboring farms, just to name a few. ¬†We believe in a limited ingredient gelato such as the ones our ancestors from Italy were used to. Gino’s Gelato is one of the very few true creameries in California. This is because we pasteurize all product before batch freezing. Our pasteurization helps yield a higher quality favor and allows us to make our recipes truly from scratch. We specialize in selling to restaurants, grocery stores, small food stores, catering and supplying gelato shops.

Gino's Gelato of California

Bakersfield, CA